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Founded in 2015, Crokes mission is to give book authors and readers a separate community or a place where authors can connect with each other, share their book cover photos, interviewed videos and amazon book (also other book stores) links. No more creepy topics other than books and writing stuff, see only what you are interested in. Crokes gives power to authors to share and connect. Crokes also provides a range of services to help authors in promotions.


  • Over 100,000 monthly unique visitors
  • Over 300,000 monthly page views.
  • Ranked among the Top 300 startups according to Startupranking.
  • Average user on Crokes spends 12 minutes on site.
  • 35% of users access Crokes through iOS and 53% from Android

Source: Alexa, Worth of Web, Startup Ranking and Google Analytics

About Crokes

Crokes is a real-time social network and a community for book authors where authors can connect with each other and share their book cover photos, amazon links and interviewed videos.

Crokes Official LogoCrokes allows you to post a link of your book where it is available to buy (example amazon), upload and share cover photo of your newly launched book or even share your interview video in 300-character messages called updates and follow other authors activities. It’s like Twitter for books.

Crokes offers you an opportunity to reach potential readers interested in your books or connect with other like minded authors.

Crokes wall is a live news feed where you can see what other authors are sharing. Updates get automatically refreshed and appear on your wall and you can see newly posted updates by other authors. Crokes is run by a group of friends.

Crokes is available on all android devices. You can access Crokes on your android devices through our app. Crokes app is available on Amazon App Store and CNET Download.com website. You can download our official app from CNET’s Download.com or Amazon’s website. If you are an iOS or a Blackberry user you can access Crokes by simply going to your browser and type crokes.com in the address bar and enjoy our services.


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Shonik Raj

Founder and CEO of Crokes

Shonik is the Founder of Crokes, which he founded in 2014. Shonik is responsible for setting the overall direction and product strategy for the company. He leads the design of Crokes service and development of its core technology. Shonik studies computer science at SRM University, Haryana.

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Shonik Raj

Shonik Raj

Founder and CEO of Crokes

Application Developer: Aniekan Udidiong

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