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the comeback kid by thomas leonard hayThe Comeback Kid by Thomas L. Hay

The Comeback Kid is the memoirs of Thomas (Tommy) Hay, written from cradle to senior citizen. Raised in the Golden Valley town of Clinton, Missouri in the 1950’s. Experience the people, places and events that influenced his life protrayed through songs. How often a song reminds us of a person, a place or a time in our lives. Follow my journey from Clinton, Missouri to towns and cities around the Globe. From a US Navy sailor to a TWA/American Airline employee. From puppy love to an International playboy. From marriage to divorce. From UFO’s to abductions. An adventure filled with mystery, romance, joy and heartbreaks.

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exchanges by vic fortezzaExchanges by Vic Fortezza

Charley LaRocca is ringmaster of two circuses, his family and the Silver Futures pit at his job in the wacky world of commodity trading. Witness a year in his life as he copes with a rebellious teenage daughter, the dog eat dog philosophy at his place of employment, and an obsession with the New York Mets. The year is 1988. “Open Outcry” is the way at the Exchange. The electronic trading that would eventually supplant it is but a pipe dream at which many scoff. What is all the yelling and screaming about? Come inside and see. None of the incidents is exaggerated. Caution: aggressive men under intense pressure do and say regrettable things. Political correctness is out the window. The trading floor was one of the last outposts of speech that was truly free. The novel concentrates on personalities.

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an abduction revelation by thomas leonard hay


An Abduction Revelation by Thomas L. Hay

A story that explores a compelling blend between mysterious unknown entities with seemingly true events. Think Close Encounters of the Third Kind blended with Total Recall.

Who are the abductors? Where do they come from? Where are they hiding? Do they even exist? The secrets are revealed in an intriguing adventure filled with mystery, a dash of romance, and a shocking revelation that will torment your reality.

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