Getting Started (4)

How do I sign up on Crokes?

Sign up on Crokes is easy.It just takes 30 seconds.To sign up for a new account, enter your username, email address into the form at HERE . Then pick a password, confirm password.Then write your name and press the ‘Complete Sign Up’ button.

After you complete the sign up form, crokes will send an email to the address you provided. Just click the confirmation link to complete the sign up process.

How do I complete the sign-up process?

In order to complete the sign-up process, you need to confirm that you own the email address you used to set up an account. To confirm your email address, click on the link in Crokes sign up confirmation email.

If you didn’t found the email,make sure to check spam/junk folder. Still not found please report it at the ‘Feedback’ box that appears mid left of every page.

How do I find people on Crokes?

First of all thanks for joining crokes.There are two methods to find people.

Now look at the top just under the navigation menus.There is a search box.Type the name of a member and click the search button.

There is one more method.If you know the username of the member that you are searching for then you can simply write the username of that member just like this .

How do I post an update or other stuff on Crokes?

So now you are all set to go. And this is the main and the most important part.

For posting an update, first log into your account, you will be redirected to your profile. If you just little scroll down you will see a box and three icons just under the navigation menus. Click on the box and start writing what update you want to post. You can only post an update under 300 digits and that are called updates.

For uploading an image with your croke or update,click on the camera icon.You will see two options.Upload a file and Add image url.If you want to upload image directly from your device then click ‘Upload a file’ button.Select the image you want to upload.After the image has been uploaded click the ‘Add Photos’ button to post.

Note : You can only add 1 image per post.

For uploading a video, click on film roll icon. Paste the url of a video where the video is located on services like youtube, vimeo etc. Paste the url,press preview button and press the add video button to post it.

You can also share any website link clicking a chain icon button. Paste the link of the website,preview and post it.

Found any bug or cant upload? Please press the ‘Feedback’ button on the left mid side of any page. Fill the form and send it.

Managing Account (3)

How do I change my email or password?

You can change your email address or password of your crokes account anytime.Go to your profile,then under your avatar click on settings and under settings,general tab will open.There you can change your email address or password of your crokes account.

How do I change my email notifications settings?

You can easily change your email notifications settings.Log into your crokes account,under your avatar,click on settings in your navigation menu.Once you are on settings, click on Email under settings tab.Here you can change your email notification settings.

How do I change username of my account?

You can change for your account username by selecting a unique username that is available.For changing a username,log into your crokes account then click on settings > change username . Enter your desired username in the ‘New Username’ field box and save changes.Thats it ! you’ve successfully changed the username of your crokes account.

Profile (3)

How do I edit my profile?

Profile is very important at Crokes. You are found,explored through your profile.To edit your profile,first log into your account and then click on ‘Profile’ button in menu bar or your navigation.Then click ‘Edit’ under your profile button.Here you can edit your profile.

How do I change my avatar/profile picture?

Your avatar will be used on your profile and throughout the Crokes network. There are two ways to set your avatar. You need to log in. Once you are logged in, go to profile > change avatar option. You can find these options under your avatar or at the top black menu bar.

First you can upload your avatar by clicking on ‘Browse’ button and then ‘Upload Image’ button. Crop the image and set it.

Second method: If you have a Gravatar associated with your email address account then that avatar can be used too. We will use your gravatar for your Crokes account avatar. It’s easy.

How do I change background image?

The Crokes background image has always provided businesses with an opportunity to update Crokes with their visual branding and a message. However, it’s been troublesome to use, and the display depends on the visitor’s browser and screen settings.Furthermore, if you’re keen to achieve more updaters, adding this background would probably help out by showing that you’re an active user, or if you’re croking on behalf of your company or service, it helps prove that you’re not a spammer.Background image always helped companies to grow their sales.

To change a background image,log into your account,go to the profile section,profile>change background.Here you can upload your background image.

Messages (6)

How do I send a private message?

To send a private message,go to your account messages>compose. Here you will see three box. First enter the name or username of a member you want to message. Write the subject of your message. Now write the message and send it.

If you are on a user profile,click on the ‘Private Message’ button. A message box will appear. Repeat the above process and send it.

Note : You must be logged in to send a private message.

How do I find inbox?

First log into your account.

Go to messages>inbox from your navigation or menu bar at top. Here you can check your inbox.

Who can I message?

You can message anyone on Crokes network.

How do I know If a user received a message?

For checking this,log into your account then go to messages>sent from the navigation or menu bar at top.There you can see your messages that you had sent to users.

How do I delete a message?

For deleting a message, first log into your account then go to messages>inbox or sent. Select the conversation where that message is located. Check that message you want to delete. Press delete and you’re done.

What are Public Messages?

Public Messages are a croke or update on which you can mention a member’s username and post to him/her. Public Messages or Croke can be seen in public.

Follow (3)

What is follow?

You can follow any user by pressing a ‘Follow Name’ button on user profile. It means you will be able to follow his/her all updates and his/her updates will appear on your activity wall just here Activity > Following. Under following tab you view all your following user’s post at one place.

How do I unfollow people?

First log into your account, then go to that user’s profile that you want to unfollow. Press ‘Unfollow’ button. You had now unfollow that user.

How many people can i follow?

You can follow and have unlimited number of followers. Don’t worry about getting being banned.