What is Crokes?

Crokes is a community or social network for book authors and writers. Crokes gives excellent opportunity to authors to connect with other like minded authors and also to promote themselves and their books. Authors can also post links of their books where it is available to buy (example amazon book store), upload and share cover photos of newly launched or an upcoming book and can even share their interview videos in 300-character messages called updates and follow activities of other authors and get connected with readers. It’s like Twitter but only for book authors. Learn more.

Crokes wall is a live news feed where one can see what others are sharing. Updates get automatically refreshed and appear on your wall and you can see newly posted updates of others.

As Crokes is a dedicated social network for book authors so why use general social networks when specific site for that is available.

Crokes World Visitors Map

Authors and Writers on Crokes from around the world

Crokes world visitors map for authors and writers


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