Bobby Jindal – A Presidential Campaigner in Republican ring for 2016: An American and not an Indian-American bet


Republican Presidential Nomination Bobby Jindal
Republican Presidential Nomination:
When news of Bobby Jindal (44 yrs old Republican Governor of Louisiana) throwing his hat into the Presidential ring broke, it enthused few Americans this time about his prospect as compared with the euphoria that built around him in the year 2012 just prior to that last elections. Bobby Jindal has chosen as the republican presidential nomination. More distant this time looking than anything else is his own Indian origin desi community from him and on the pillar of which the Republican dream is supposedly be built up to garner the much talked support of the non white people this time.

And yes there are reasons for this bleak outlook too this time as since the time of his teens when Bobby Jindal changed over to the other flank of the religion i.e Christianity, there is no positive relationship looking around with his other fellow Indian-Americans and more so is that he has hardly even identified with them. Whether acknowledging of this root cause is for good or for bad omen only Americans will decide in the time to come. But yes there is a stark naked truth that President Mr Barack Obama (A Democratic dream turned true) had always owned and felt proud of his roots and heritage and won the hearts of the people not only in America but the world over.

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Renouncing roots ( which otherwise reflects the opportunistic act) is leading to the fractured support for Bobby Jindal that needs to be corrected in time if campaign of this 26th Republican candidate is to survive. Who knows that these Indian-Americans may love their very pet and old Bubby Jindal more than the transformed Bobby Jindal of today.

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